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Welcome to Vellana!


Our website is still being made. It’s in the studio being sewn together, right now. Ouch! Pricked my finger…shouldn’t stitch web pages and type at the same time.


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Learn about our Masks 


We teamed up with Molly Housego, author on women in WW2 and 30+ years experience costuming for film and TV.

Molly designed a bespoke pattern for masks to best fit our faces.


  • Unique shape created by us.
  • New unbreakable and shape holding nose wires.
  • Sewn-in and washable filter layer (no replaceable parts).
  • Choice of elastic, ear loops, or ties.
  • Add on matching scrunchies!

…And over 200 fabrics to choose from!






Our Story


Hi, I’m Sam (the one who isn’t dressed as a Queen). This is a short story about how I came to be here, writing a short story.


Molly (the Queen & my Stepmum) and I began making face masks at the start of the pandemic. We researched particle filtration, fibre efficacy and stayed on top of current experiments to produce a product people could put their trust in. Masks shouldn’t just be a handmade fashion statement. 


Oh, did they sell! Let me lay down a second – someone grab the smelling salts! We were working waking to sleeping and thrilled that people appreciated our crafts so passionately. 


This gave us the opportunity to welcome some local seamstresses into our studio – and I worked on growth. We were turning people away because we couldn’t keep up, yet we truly believed our products would keep them safer than most other options. We were determined to scale and meet their desperate pleas for more! 


Right when we were working tirelessly and harder than ever, the cold reality of 2020 set in as my Mum was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer. 


Our attention was suddenly torn. Making masks and chemotherapy headscarves. Taking whole days off work. Peering out the front door like “my God, have you seen this? There’s a whole world out here!”. Delayed hospital appointments. Full wards that were too dangerous to admit immunocompromised patients. Months and months stretched on…

…So now this story is about three women. Fighting to stay alive, fighting to grow, fighting for family. And I think that’s a great thing about fighting as a woman – you tend to pick up other women on the way, and go at it together.


Anyway – I learnt a thing or two about balance and values (stop for a second and text someone you care about!) 


So that’s where we are. Balance. Sustainability. Values. Putting people first. 


That’s what we aim to keep doing. 


We’ve had life-changing support from The Open University and Santander X. I would be a lesser person without their help and friendships.


Today we’re a fabric and crafts shop, selling cotton and things made with cotton. We care about sustainability – we’re working on projects that will use scrap fabric and patterns for home crafters to do the same. And we’re committing a good chunk of profits to go toward sourcing and stocking the most people-and-planet friendly textiles we can find that uphold the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 


So when you shop with us, you know you’re supporting a team of people who really care about the footprints they leave behind, and where they’re going next. So let’s be friends and make a hat together.